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For starters, SnapChat is an photo sharing app that allows users to communicate with each other with text messages as well. The app has risen to fame since 2011 and has gone through several iterations of development and has now over 186 million daily active users worldwide. This success formula is being recreated by several entrepreneurs who wish to make it a reality in the social media market.


To develop an app like Snapchat, entrepreneurs can develop a Snapchat clone app. The clone app can be customized to any extent and be integrated with alluring features to make the app a fullyfunctional one.


Features of SnapChat Clone app


Social media login


This feature allows the users to log in or sign up with an account through various social media logins like Facebook or Google.


Search Module


Users can search for anything in the application. It can be either the channel’s or a specific user’s name.


Timer Setting


Set a timer to make a photo disappear from the recipient’s app after the fixed time has elapsed.


Privacy settings


With this feature, the users can know when a screenshot of their stories is taken. Users can set the privacy settings for the stories and can also block certain users from screenshotting it.




Create and upload the pic by various filters and also make use of geofilter in various locations.


Why AppDupe?


AppDupe, a pioneer of clone app development can develop your SnapChat clone app with the needed specifications and customizations,


We provide various services such as,


  • Turnkey Solution


  • Admin dashboard


  • Scalable Product


  • Whitelabel Solution


  • Cost-effective


Monetization of SnapChat clone app


Now that you have a SnapChat Clone app you can monetize the app in the social media market. With each and every 10-second video the user has uploaded in the app, you as the owner of the app can get a commission if the video grows to be a viral one. By using your SnapChat clone app, the user can sell their geofilters with in-built cash feature. The user will receive the promo code with respect to performance.



In this social media-driven environment, it is imperative to handle an app like Snapchat clone app to make a niche in the market. Give your users a fully functional image sharing app where they can update information or video and reach fame.